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Scottish Fold Boy




He has very beautiful coat.

Nice personality.

More infos plz contact me by email.


  • Hi there, we’re a family from Vancouver, BC and we’re looking for golden British shorthair kitten to become a part of our loving family! I came to you site through TICA and I’m interested in buying one ow your beautiful kittens. Please let me know if I can call you to discuss it in more details. Thank you!

  • Looking for a boy golden cat.

    Yuchen Xu
  • Hi dear, just wondering do you still have kittens available now? Thanks.

  • I am interested in a British Shorthair blue/gray female kitten. Do you have any available right now? We have our own home in Laval, QC. We already have a male 1.5 year old cat. But we want to get another kitten so that he has a compagnon while we are at work. We have dedicated our basement TV room and office to our cat during the day. He also has a bathroom with his litter box which he has access all the time. Our cat is spayed. He is very playful, sweet and smart. What are your prices and procedures?

    Helen Theofilis
  • Hi,
    We live in Ottawa. I have two daughters. We don’t have any other pets in our homes. We want to adopt a British shorthair kitten. is there any available kitten?



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